Are you looking for a simpler way to a better life? Do you live in or around Nashville? Then you’re in the right place! Live Simple Nashville aims to provide resources and tips for balancing a healthy, green, socially responsible way of life with the chaos of our urban environment. You’ll find information on where to find local produce, ways to get involved with community improvements, events, exercise, local businesses and causes that share Live Simple Nashville’s beliefs, recipes, products we think are swell and anything else that comes to mind. Through the Live Simple Services page we’ll connect you with a variety of businesses who’ve partnered with us to donate a portion of proceeds to our favorite non-profit, Hands On Nashville. We even have a farmer’s market personal shopper to find and deliver local produce to your door!

In hopes of saving money and time, we’ve set up a Community Exchange page for you to list services you’ll trade in exchange for something needed. And because “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” there’s a place to post your unwanted odds and ends as well. We believe community is one of the most important resources, so we encourage you to email us with any tips, news, ideas or questions you have. You can also keep up with us on Twitter, because it’s simple, and we like that sort of thing.

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